Natural Wonders

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Yes, they are real! Lena Paul brings her epic natural breasts to us for her very first time. In her tiny leopard print bikini, she sways back and forth in a seductive poolside tease before heading inside to put her fantastic funbags to work! Including lots of breast worshiping, face smothering, and boob-fucking, this is one hardcore tit celebration. Do not miss this latest video!

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Black

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Lena Paul has been married for two years, and a few months ago she found out that her husband has been having an affair. She feels so humiliated and wants nothing more than to punish him for what he has done. She invites over a hot guy she has met at the gym and decides she’s going to carry out the ultimate betrayal, by taking him to her marital bed. Before too long, Lena is in his arms and realising just how much she wants this dominating man to take advantage of her.

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Lena Paul Makes a Sextape

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Lena Paul came home from jogging to find her man playing with a new camera. Of course he couldn’t resist using it to film her getting ready for her shower. Who wouldn’t want footage of her gorgeous all natural body? Luckily for us, Lena wasn’t shy about letting him film her in the shower. She actually put on a show by soaping up and shaking her fat ass and huge tits. Then she oiled her whole body while giving even more of a show. Next thing you know, Lena drops to her knees on the bathroom floor to suck her man’s dick. Then it was off to the bedroom for some serious fucking. She got her hairy pussy, mouth, and tits fucked pretty hard, and she loved it. You can even see her legs give out and shake from cuming. I’m sure after all of that she had another shower, especially since she had a face covered in cum…

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My Sister's Loss is my Gain

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Lena Paul‘s sister just broke up with her boyfriend. He cheated on her constantly and she couldn’t stand it anymore. When she asks Lena to collect her things from his house, he immediately starts flirting with her. After offering her a drink, they begin to talk, and it’s not long before Lena’s defences are down. He starts to show her around the house, and when they get to the bedroom, he grabs her and starts caressing her. She cannot resist his advances, and before long, they are doing things that they really shouldn’t be, and Lena’s sister is far from their minds…

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